“We LOVED the memory book from last year and had a great time going through the online photos to fill the pages. Looking through all the photos was a wonderful opportunity for us to have some mother/daughter bonding as they provided a lead into conversations we may have not otherwise had. Photos are a great way to jog the memory and had we not embarked on the memory book project, some of the memories, I'm sure, would have gone unspoken. ... Hollie Elhilow.


Evergreen albums are a must-have for all three of my girls every year.  Each of them encompasses cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come by our family’s current and future Merrie-Woode girls. Courtney Reynolds.


MY Daughter loves her Greystone Memory book....thank you for the thoughtful love and detail to make special memories for our daughters! Amanda Gorecki.


Dear Julie, Catherine and Nancy have incorporated your beautiful memory booksinto part of their Greystone tradition. The books have provided a wonderful opportunity for the girls to pour through their online Camp pictures and select the photographs that best reflect their summer friendships and activities. Last year, we took an afternoon in August to lay all of the camp memorabilia and the girls created their books. There were lots of giggles and laughter as they remembered and recounted their favorite camp experiences prompted by the visual reminders. This year the girls plan to expand the fun by having their Greystone camp buddies over for an afternoon of scrapbooking. Of course, they have suggested that we serve Frito pie in a bag for dinner. So many times I find that we are always on the go and fail to reflect fully on the blessing we experience. As a mother, it is fulfilling to see the girl's take ownership of their Greystone Memory books and create a tangible reminder they will enjoy the rest of their lives. We look forward to seeing you again next summer! All the best, Rachael Dedman.


The Camp Greystone Memory Book is a special gift I enjoyed giving to my granddaughter. She put the appropriate photos on the pages and filled out all the information which brought back many happy memories she can preserve and cherish. ... It meant much to me to see her face light up. Each page is beautiful. Thank you very much, Julie Mallett. I hope many other camps can also have access to your book. Sincerely, Rachel Cannada.


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